What We Do

Special Services

  • Sending a courier packages (Domestic/ International)
  • Getting a visa
  • Booking airline tickets
  • Getting passport made
  • Making arrangements to receive visitors from abroad
  • Recommending indoor nursing assistance/domestic help
  • Food services
  • Recommending doctors, physiotherapists

Aide (Maximum one and half hour)

  • Accompanying senior citizens for a walk within or around the premises of their residential area
  • Accompanying senior citizen to a location and back: doctor/social occasion
  • Seeing them off/receiving them at the railway station/bus station/airport
  • Sitting with a patient during hospitalization/ outside the ICU
  • Reading to a senior citizen


  • Cheque deposit
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Renewal of FDR
  • Money transfer from one account to another


  • Shopping for vegetables/fruits/grocery/pooja items/gifts/ any other item (up to 5 items at a time)
  • Buying of tickets for movie/play
  • Booking train/bus/flight tickets


  • Payment of electricity/telephone bills
  • Payment of house tax
  • Arranging documents necessary for passport/visa/Aadhar card


  • Delivery of medicines
  • Delivery of medical reports
  • Accompanying for regular health check- ups or routine doctor visits
  • Hospital visit for delivery of essential items from a pre-defined location to hospital
  • Delivery of surgical aide equipment for post-operative care


  • Getting printouts of pictures from the web, emails, tickets
  • Assisting in video chats
  • Scanning and e-mailing documents
  • Helping with smartphone usage, solving app related queries

**Maya CARE does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of information or quality of services provided by other service providers

Maya CARE DOES NOT provide ayah, maid, cook, nursing facilities

Any other services other than the ones provided above can be customized as per the request

Regular services

Duration of a standard Maya CARE visit-1.5 hours. Family members can request for multiple services during a single visit - for example, keep some cheques/bills/affidavit/phone application ready and also ask the volunteer to read to them/take them for a walk etc.