I am Madhav K Pardhy, senior citizen. I just now celebrated my 103rd birthday. I am fit & fine & staying in the Kothrud area ,Pune with my wife.

Due to aging I require some help many times which is provided by Anil Natu , volunteer of Maya CARE.

I am getting help for many occasions like- banking work, Pension related ,life certificate etc, Attending the functions (music, dance etc), Guidance for investments or legal matter etc

I feel comfortable while chatting & sharing our experiences with the volunteer, as Nature is helping and guiding me and my wife for technical support in Mobile and having a conference call with many of our old friends staying far away.

I wish Maya Care all the best, which is doing a very good job indeed. I feel People should whole heartedly donate to Maya care for its noble cause which is helping in many cities in India and the UK.

Mr. MK. Pardhy

I am thankful to Maya CARE Foundation for sending a buddy to my 87 yr old Father in law. Mr. Shende (volunteer) who visits us once a week or fortnight, chats with my father in law who has mild alzheimer's and mobility restrictions. Mr. Shende instilled confidence in him, convinced him to do a lot of good things.

Ms. Swati Korde

As a senior citizen, going through the usual slowdown in life, it has made a big difference to me to have the company of volunteers Ms. Bishakha Ghosh and Ms. Angela Bhat so generously given. I have also had much practical help from them, in generally getting around in the city, whether for diversion or for necessity. The obvious recognition by Maya CARE, that an old person does not necessarily have to be bed-ridden or incapacitated, in order to gain help and attention, and lead a pleasant, cheerful life - this is what makes Maya CARE deserving of its name.

Ms. Surayya Tandon

We at SVP Philanthropy Foundation Pune Chapter would like to thank you for the excellent work you have been doing for training the differently abled individuals. The model you have created is extremely unique and can be scaled immensely. Looking forward to our continued association.

Ms. Parul Vaidya, General Manager, SVP, Pune

Oracle Volunteers have been associated with Maya CARE Foundation since Jan, 2021. As a part of Project Bindu, volunteers from Oracle India have been closely involved in conducting training programs for people with varying disabilities (hearing, visual, neuro-motor, locomotor etc) from Maya CARE. These trainings include leadership development and digital fluency. As a project leader I have witnessed the growth and transformation of the participants from their first online training experience to where they are today. They are now able to organize online meetings, make plans, execute and submit project reports, lead teams and much more. Notable is the ease with which they are able to grasp management concepts offered by Oracle volunteers with domain expertise. I truly feel a sense of fulfillment and pride in being a part of Maya CARE's transformational journey.

Dr Mrs. Kamal Peter Oracle India

The MayaCARE team may be physically differently abled, but are smart and well trainable. They understand the concepts and business needs and rules quickly. This helps in getting to action in less time!

They are also proactive, dedicated and focused!

It's been nice working with them.

Raghunath Giliyaru - Mahika

Waycool has been using Mayacare services effective start of 2023. Over the course of the past six months, I have seen the Mayacare team grow in terms of their knowledge about various HR processes. It has been a pleasure working with Ms. Sowmya and Ms. Rizwana. They are very diligent with work, calls, meeting participation etc. Both have a penchant for learning that is evident in the questions that they raise during the meetings. They have demonstrated confidence in handling the calls and as a result we are planning to open up the helpline to inbound calls also.

Juliette, AGM – HR, Waycool Foods and Products Private Limited